Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/20/13 day 4 Madrid

Monday morning we had to pack up our bags and actually pick them up for the first time in a few days, they seemed a little more evenly balanced this time around much better to handle. After we cleaned up the apartment we said goodbye to our first couch host home and walked across the street to the Rivas Futura train station. Since we had spent all of the rest of our cash we stepped over to the ticket machine to buy our two, 2 euro train tickets to downtown with a debit card with a pin but, the machine wouldn't respond, after looking like idiot backpackers for another few go a rounds a security officer came over to explain that as posted in front of our faces...minimum 5 euro purchase on cards. Of course how easy! Not so fast after fumbling around a bit longer she came back to explain that you need a European MasterCard or Visa, frustrating indeed after all a visa should be a visa, apparently not. Defeated we walked our annoyed selves down to the mall where we successfully withdrew some more euros. After a short metro ride to downtown we were at the train station within Lavapies looking for an internet connection to contact our host via WhatsApp which is a program that allows you to text for free with a connection to wifi. Once we got ahold of Alberto he brought us to his place and within minutes dropped a set of keys into Kevin's hand and said "welcome home." How amazing it is to have this trust between people just another level. 

After we feasted on his homemade vegetarian "everything in it lentil soup" he took us out to see some more of the city we walked to the river at the cities edge and admired the many bridges and man made natural impression parks that are on the banks. We got to the gardens below the palace fifteen minutes late and were turned away. After walking around for a few hours awe turned towards Lavapies so that Alberto could get his car from his parents at their home in the suburbs, which will be necessary for the next adventure, tomorrow it's off to the mountains! One he returned with the car and his friend Javi, we picked up the next days menu, baguette, cheese loaf and tomatoes the evenings drinks; beer and baileys on the rock and returned to the apartment for great conversation, some drinks and a bit of sleep. 

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