Monday, January 27, 2014

1/26/14 Day 10 Madrid

We have been back home at Alberto's all weekend and after a good night and half a days rest....Woke up this Sunday morning excited to go to the weekly Rastro market that we failed to get to last week. Between 7a.m.-3 p.m. Every Sunday The streets fill up with vendors selling almost anything and everything. 
Some of the items are beautiful handmade creations while other items are cheap tourist inspired junk. I was per my usual in search of some nice earrings the bone and wood variety. I also have realized my scarf and neck buff are two of my surprisingly more valuable pieces of clothing so far as it is cold so I found myself surveying the booths for a nice scarf as well. Kevin on the other hand perused the majority of the leather booths for a quality thick leather banded bracelet. We must have gotten to the market around 10 and I can't even put into words how crowded it was. The market in whole takes over the entirety of the La Latina district funneling from one street to another until finally filtering out to a place where you can walk in the direction of your own will, instead of wherever the hordes choose to go.

 So we kind of oozed along with the crowds of tourists and locals alike looking at new goods, used telephones, pet cages and piles upon piles of "I love Madrid" t-shirts. We snaked our way along the alleys of sunglasses, homemade soaps and broken but still functional chairs for sale. Every time it looked as though the market was about to come to an end the bottom of the hill would come into sight and thus the continuation in a new direction of the market stalls. Going into it blindly we didn't realize that there is an order to the chaos: one of the streets is for the sale of animals, there is an area where the used I.e. Garage sale items are mostly contained, much of the food is contained in one area that we of course didn't find until after we had settled on our prosciutto pizza, and the main drag is essentially for the market stalls who pay their permits and sell new items. Well next time we will certainly be more well prepared for the chaos. We successfully got out if without buying anything more than lunch as well...winning! While I did see some nice scarves most of them were fairly bulky so we decided that we would go back to a store on gran Via street that had a nice and more packable infinity scarf that I wanted. Since we are down to our last euro coin we make a pit stop at the ATM, as we are getting used to Minor card issues it is no surprise we receive an error message, and move on. At the second machine the transaction doesn't go through again, frustrated but thinking nothing of it we decide to go to the store and use my debit card directly for the purchase. After picking out a new scarf and neck buff we head to the counter and are rejected 3 times, confused and distraught we head back to check the account online, perhaps I forgot to transfer money. As soon as my account page opens up I realize there are fraudulent purchases on my card...fml! Seriously! There are 6 purchases in the last two days totalling around 300$, four of them from the same company. After lunch I called Capital One to figure out what to do, luckily they already knew and had cancelled over 50 other purchases attempted. The operator told me that they left me voicemails, but I of course no longer have a cell phone or I would have known sooner. Unfortunately for the six or so purchases that occurred before they caught on to the fraud I have no choice but to wait for them to go through this week and then after that I can claim them as fraud each individually and most likely have them refunded. A frustrating and annoying way to start the week to say the least. 

To round the day off we watch the entirety of the sunset over the cityscape and off to the market for a bottle of vino and supplies to make curry with Alberto for dinner. 

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  1. So sorry about the credit card issues. The market looks like fun, those keys are crazy!