Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/28/14 Day 12 Madrid to Segovia

It's our last morning in Madrid! We're taking a bus at 4:30 p.m. to Segovia...but first we must finish some loose ends in the city. First things first we need to get ourselves a Spain SIM card for the iPhone. After some basic research and running around to all of the different phone stores in Puerta del Sol we settle on a plan by Movistar. However after a little more of my broken Spanish mixed with the Movistar reps broken English and we realized it is actually a plan that used Movistars network, but is sold by Tuenti, the first ah hah moment of the day but far from the last. After getting what seemed like easy instructions to the store we set out to find the Tuenti, no luck and no one around could tell us where it was located. After a half hour of doing laps around the square we dragged ourselves back into Movistar to again ask...where? This time I specifically ask the name, Snap he tells me. Another while wondering and I start to ask random people, everyone knows where I am looking for and points us in the direction, finally I feel we should be so close yet no snap! However there is a huge department sized store in front of us called FNAC, could it be?! Walking in the door and instantly we are reassured by the mobile phone department level 2 sign. Ah hah moment number 2! We glide effortlessly up the escalator to the Tuenti pagoda and after agreeing on the plan I want and all of the details he asks for my passport...I glance over at Kevin to be reassured that of course, they are at the house...(of course they are)! I learned later that they need a passport to ensure that I am legally in the country and that I do not plan to ignite a bomb as a terrorist, but of course. Well nothing left to do but run home and grab the passports, so much for the lunch we were going to cook for Alberto. So we head back and pack up our bags as it is already 3 we will have to take care of the phone on the way to the bus station. We head back in and get a prepaid phone with essentially no snags we purchase a 12 euro plan with 1gb of data and 4 euros of credit for calls and texts. 

Well that was a frustrating morning, now we are off to catch our bus to Segovia! It's an hour and fifteen minutes to Segovia and we arrive in town at 5:45 and got off at the wrong stop so had to walk all the way into town, we figure out we have arrived when we look up and see a huge aqueduct towering above us, yep I think we are here. Carlos and Lorena, our hosts for tonight and tomorrow pick us up at 7:00 we do a quick night-car-Segovia tour before heading out to some bars. At the first bar Lorena orders a caña (small beer) with lemon,, an amazing new discovery for us. Since all of the beers here are simple lagers anyways it's nice to have a little more pleasant flavor! With our beers we get two free tapas, chorizo and a new one for us rice cooked in pigs blood...when in Rome, surprisingly not bad. I doubt I would ever order it just due to the mental bias but I would never be rude and turn it down if offered either. The next bar more cañas con limón and calamari and bread came with it this time, yum! During the middle of our conversation a 6 piece Spanish band came waltzing in complete with tuba for our listening pleasure. Oh how magical this place can be. Walking out to the next stop through the main plaza of the city and the first snowflakes begin to fall, we head in and order our wine and beer and decide on some fancier larger raciones instead of tapas. We had a lamb dish, a vegetable and curry dish, filo pasta filled with chicken and turkey and a baby eel and ricotta cheese dish. All were phenomenal and with that dinner was finished we walked back to their place had a hot cocoa and did a load of laundry in the small washer that is typically in the kitchen in Spanish homes, and no dryers, it's all hang dry here. 

To end the night with one more snag, I'm using my new Spanish number for a call to my debit card company to clarify some of the fraud stuff and here minutes into the conversation the call ends and I get a text saying I have used up my and why is that even possible, stupid phone! Ugh, back to Tuenti on Thursday it is. Luckily Carlos let me use the land line to take care of the call and all is well again. Now after a long day of Ah hah moments, phone snags, and some amazing food it is time to rest up for a big day of adventure time in the morning. 

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