Monday, February 3, 2014

1/30/14 Day 14 Traveling to Vigo

Today was a long day of travel, we got to use Bla Bla Car for the first time! We had to get to Vigo from Segovia, and after a long bout of research we determined the best way would be to take a Bla Bla Car from Segovia to Madrid, and then another one from there to Vigo. Bla Bla Car is a service that links drivers to travelers. It's a website where people who have cars can post trips they are planning on taking along with details of the per person price to help cover gas cost, type of car, music and smoking preference and the details of when they will be arriving and leaving. You can also see from their profiles the reviews of passengers and or drivers that have traveled with them. 
Our first ride was from a PhD student studying at Madrid University, but living in Segovia. He completes the trip everyday and it is a great way to help curb gas costs, for us the 10 euro ride was clearly beneficial over the 24 euro bus ride we took to Segovia. He picked us up at the aqueduct roundabout at 8:00 and the 1 hour journey ended up taking closer to 2 hours because of stupid traffic, but we got to take the scenic route through the mountains and arrived in Madrid with enough time to give Alberto one final hug before heading for our meeting point for the second Bla Bla Car of the day (and ever) to travel to Vigo on the coast of Spain! Luis and Charlotte were the drivers for the 6.5 hour journey with a large amount of naps and a small amount of talk as she was French and he Spanish, neither speaking English at a high level. They dropped us off in Vigo where we gladly paid them 50 euros instead of the 90 euros we would have paid for a bus. 

We had a beer while waiting for Katie our host for Vigo, and a Seattle native! Finally someone who knows and loves our city :) once she arrived we went to the market and got some ingredients for dinner and breakfast and headed back to her apartment to talk over a cheap box of wine. We spent most of the evening discussing her travels and how she came to be in Vigo, which is amazingly more rainy than Seattle. She told us all about her job as an English teacher, an amazing opportunity as they are paid enough for living expenses, get a week vacation per month, private health benefits and most importantly only work 12-20 hours a week! We discussed going out, but the sound of pouring rain outside and the length of time spent in a car was a deterrent enough for us to crawl into the futon calling our name. 

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