Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1/31/14 Day 15 Vigo

We woke up with rain pouring over the city and excitedly zipped up our rain gear, gore tex for sure! We headed for the tourist info center which was a beautiful facility with a plethora of pamphlets to choose from. After some deliberating we decided to start walking south towards the beach.  There is so much phenomenal graffiti throughout the city some of our favorite murals were these three: this one was right beside Katie's apartment building
This one we found along side a public park, the wall is about the length of a city block and covered in these huge colorful murals
This last one was signed by all girls as you could guess from the beautiful pastel colors they used
We walked and walked and walked, this short walk we observed on the map was turning into quite a trek, we walked by all of the port buildings, bridges and fish markets, the feral cats and the old beautiful homes. 
We finally reached the lighthouse that was the end of the industrial port area and the beginning of the beach area. It's attached to the pier with the museum of the sea which we intended to visit but we arrived around 17:00 and they were on their 3 hour siesta lunch break, oh well. We sat down and had lunch beneath the lighthouse, an awesome chorizo bocadillo that Carlos and Lorena had insisted we take. 
Finally made it to the beach sands, a beautiful pine tree trail following the lines of the surf. Throughout the day the weather was gloomy grey for awhile, then bright blue, then a few drizzly drops of rain and repeat. A nice variety of the weather elements anyways.
18:00 by the time we arrived and only 30 minutes until sundown, a quick beer by the beach and then time to catch the bus back to town. Only a small 6 mile walk there...oops it looked shorter on a map. 
We met up with Katie who was finally done with work for the day to go to a play in Galego, the native language of the Galician province of which Vigo is in. She arrived with her intercambio with whom she meets weekly to exchange her English expertise for his Spanish, we all went together but immediately upon entering the theatre we realized it is not a play but a reading in Galego...it's going to be a long show. While Galego is very similar to Spanish it is a separate language and is comprehensible by someone like me who can mostly read Spanish...but spoken it is very difficult to comprehend, barely understood a word, and quickly tuned out of the boring reading. Yes culture is awesome, but we would have chosen a different culture route, at least it was free! After the show we talked to The one Galician in our group and he told us that even he did not enjoy the show, phew glad we didn't have to feel guilty about not understanding. With that we headed for home to watch some Drunk History-look it up if you haven't seen it.

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