Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2-4-14 Day 19 Porto

We made it in time for breakfast this morning, yay for us! We are rewarded with a scone, toast, marmalade, a fruit cup, juice and cafe con leche for 1.80 euro what a deal and fed for a few hours! As we are trying to figure out what to do with our day it begins to rain, and then it starts to pour, next thing we know it is time to run as quickly as we can to the nearest cafe. After a coffee and regrouping we decide we can handle the rain and will head for the tile museum, and local photo museum. As soon as we are out the door our clothes are drenched, this weather is terrible! We make it to the tile museum and enjoy the beautiful tiles that are kept as a database for those in need of them. 

Back into the rain we go...Really of all days it would be nice to have my waterproof pants today as it is raining sideways :-( hopefully it will let up at some point, and hopefully I get my waterproof pants in time to not have to endure a day like this again. After the tile museum we went to a cafe to hideout from the storm for a few hours. Getting dark now we decide to tough it out in order to get to the Museum of Fotographia which happens to be housed in the old prison, a very eerie building with the wind slamming at the windows. The bottom floor showcased a very intense photo exhibit on intense images of missing soldiers and mutilated women and children in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The top floor displays a comprehensive collection of cameras including the smallest camer I have ever seen made in 1950 and definitely the largest camera I have ever seen also. 

The rain continues to rage on through the night. All we can do is wait for morning and hope for sunshine and dry shoes:)

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  1. Sorry for your bad weather. Hope those pants get there soon. No fun strolling through any town in pouring rain. At least the cafes are dry! I will try to facetime tomorrow. Hugs