Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/16/14 Day 31 Cascais

We woke up and had late breakfast or early lunch with Donna and Luciano just before noon. What a treat we got bacalhau de Natas a homemade traditional Portuguese dish of salted cod, potatoes and cream, really tasty and finally we get to try a dish with the bacalhau. Besides the famous pastries of each city and the francesinha we had in Porto it is actually one of the first traditional foods we have had while in the country. Between bites we found out so much we have in common with this retired couple who lives 70% of their year on Vancouver Island where they maintain a beautiful northwest summer kind of garden, maybe 20% of it here in Costa Caparica enjoying winter blue skies just across the River from Lisbon and easily 10% or more traveling all over the world! They went backpacking across Europe in their fifties and had so much knowledge and experience to share with us. Can I retire yet?!
Before we knew it 14:00 rolled around and it was time to go, Donna and Luch were heading to the poker tournament and dropping us off at the beach for some exploration to possibly meet up with them later, or back at home. We got to Cascais, a small fishing village 20 miles west of Lisbon with blue skies as far as the eye could see, lucky!
The tile work never ceases to amaze me, each piece carefully inlaid by hand, cut by hand, picked by hand, beautiful. 
Desalinization grids work through solar heat exchange to provide water for a variety of purposes in and around the harbor from 3 or 4 different stations, such a great use of a resource that is available in plenty. Love you Portugal and your ecoways!
We found waves and secret caves
Such a beautiful day and a beautiful place, we walked all along the beach until we got to the edge of Cascais to witness the Boca do Inferno, or mouth of hell. No demons today just some really big waves and splashes. 
Nothing like a little self timer action to break up the repetive selfies, we try to get other people to take pictures for us but they can't handle the DSLR. It's not that complicated people, just a camera!
Where's Waldo-Can you spot the falling object?
As sun sets
Now that the skies were dark and the beaches empty we headed back to Estoril just a few kilometers away from Cascais to meet Donna and Luch to see how their poker tournament was going. We walked past the poker tournament and spotted Luch right away, but no sign of Donna so we walked through the rest of they casino to see if she was trying her luck at another table perhaps, we looped through the next room and in the 5 minutes or so it took us to walk through and back neither of them were visible now. Ummmmmm.... So we split up to look upstairs and down and after maybe 10 minutes we decide it is time to put money in the pay phone and see if they by chance had left the casino without us noticing. Bingo! They must have just slipped out one door while we slipped in the next, what are the chances?! If only we had made eye contact with Luch instead of being quiet, polite and assuming he would not bust in the minutes to follow. Upon their return to pick us up we laugh at the chances of this happening and head back over the river to Costa Caparica for more wine.

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