Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/17/14 Day 32 Costa de Caparica

The day started with grey skies, which in Norway rushed us out to greet them. We took our time doing some laundry, showering and spending some time doing research and sending out couch requests for our stay in Cadiz for Carnavale weekend! After we we had checked off some items on the to do list it was time to take Donna and Luciano's bikes out for a spin, and for Kevin to analyze what he could do to help tune them. We rode the four blocks to the boardwalk where we could see the waves have been wrecking havoc on the beach and this telephone poll among many other benches and restaurants. 
Just a stormy beachy Monday. 
Waves making it all the way over the break wall with ease, and this is towards the end of the weeks of coastal storms here in Portugal.  
After a couple of hours it was getting dark and time to head home for Luciano's dinner he is making especially for us. Pulpo! Luciano is half Canadian and half Portuguese from the Azores so his recipe is phenomenal, simple stewed octopus and potatoes with a good pinch of spice in the onion, garlic, olive oil sauce. Served with fresh bread, the best meal I have eaten in Portugal! I wish everyone could cook octopus as tender, we are so over the chewy, tough servings we have had elsewhere so far. Thank you Luciano for renewing our love for octopus. 

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