Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/18/14 Day 33 Costa de Caparica

Starting the day out right with yet another traditional Portuguese bacalhau dish. More accurately THE dish, the original one that is. Boiled salted cod with boiled potatoes with boiled cabbage, healthy simple filling. 
After our bellies were full we slipped on our sandals and headed for the beach. Once again the bluish skies among us and sand between our toes. 
Adorable little beach cabins!
Foam from the rough waves gathers all over the beach
Not to mention leaves a beautiful trail in the sand when all the suds pop!
During our walk we stumbled across a random picnic with no one around to enjoy it, an hour later still untouched, kind of weird. 
Oh yeah, Costa de Caparica has 30 kilometers of uninterrupted beach sands just like this that is 18.75 miles of sand dunes!
And we walked along them for four hours before our feet could no longer continue in the sands, and it was time to head back for dinner. Tonight we are cooking, what else than an American specialty, burgers, stuffed with cheese. We head to the local Talho for fresh ground beef, the pasteleria for some baguettes and head home to prep. Form two patties layer the gouda between, smoosh together and freeze for a couple hours. Every bite an oozing cheese success!

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