Friday, February 28, 2014

2/22/14 Day 37 Lisbon

Mariana has been wanting to try this place for over a year with their 1 meter toasts (or paninis) so the four of us a done of her friends managed to get a table and after the waitress came over and spoke for a draining amount of minutes listing every type of sandwich and juice that they could possibly make we decided on chicken sandwich, and coca-cola (it is Mexican coca-cole here with the cane sugar) and they serve it with cinnamon and mint. The sandwich was good and it really did take all five of us to eat it. 
Mariana then wanted to take us up to some of the best miradouras or viewpoints in the city. We walked by some nice graffiti. 
First viewpoint looking out over the city. Not so bad!
Free trolley ride
And viewpoint two
The adorable love locks on so many of the bridges and monuments
And sunset towards Castelo St. George 
Overlooking Ponte 26 Abril bridge (Golden Gate lookalike)
Cathedral number 417.5 with famous tourist tram 28 passing by

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