Monday, February 10, 2014

2/7/14 Day 22 Porto to Aveiro

We spent yesterday hiking up Gaia, the city on the South side of the river from Porto to get to Taylor's for a port tasting and enjoyed some time in their beautiful tasting room overlooking a garden complete with peacocks. We discovered a good white, the chip dry which is not nearly as sweet as a typical white port and our favorite (thus far) red port was a ruby 10 year with a more fruit forward and less sweet flavor than typical reds and a less overbearing flavor of oak like the tawnys achieve after so much time in the barrel. 

Once we achieved a healthy buzz we were ready to huff it the rest of the way up the hill to the train station and wouldn't you know, it started to rain as soon as we got outside, and then to pour. We duck under the cover of an underpass and while we are waiting some idiot comes speeding around the corner and right into a car coming around and up the hill the opposing direction. Crash. While they are sorting out insurance cards we realize the rain stopped, a perfect diversion. We arrive to Aveiro around 7:00 and have to head to a nearby cafe to get wifi to get ahold of Bruno. We load our stuff into the car and he shows us the main highlights of the city: the canals, university, museum, market and lots of beautiful sidewalks. We head back to his apartment where we discuss our jobs and lives until realizing it is 21:00 and time for dinner. He disappears into the kitchen while we settle into our iPads for some couchsurfing trip planning. Around an hour and a half later food starts to appear on the table breads and cheeses, fresh fruit smoothies, a homemade soup of spinach and zucchini,followed by more foods and three kinds of dessert. The whole ordeal lasts for two hours taking breaks to enjoy conversation and drink the 6 or so bottles of bubbly red Lambrusco that we go through with friends that pop in and out. How can you not love a place with this much of a focus on food!

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