Sunday, March 2, 2014

2/26/14 Day 41 Faro 7 Hanging Valleys Trail

Today we are taking a train to Lagoa, a forty minute journey to see some beautiful beaches. Speaking of beaches, one of our favorite clarifications that our still learning English, Spanish and Poruguese hosts have asked us is the difference between beaches and bitches. After explaining the different sounds a few times they always nod in understanding but it is just hilarious we have gotten to help correct this three or more times now.
 Upon getting off the train station we realized we are in the middle of nowhere! With no buses in sight we decided it was time to try hitch hiking for the first time with the sun shining we slowly walked in the direction of the beaches, thumbs out smiles on until we got picked up. How can you say no to this face?!
The guy who picked us up was so nice he drove us all the way to the hiking trail at the foot of the beach even though he was on his way to work. Hitch hiking success and we didn't even have to wait that long! Here is his car pulling away after dropping us off.
The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, a 6 kilometer hike along a breathtaking coast. The landforms used to be valleys until erosion blocked them off and left them hanging. 
Hiking lines painted to mark the trail
And our first decent viewpoint
The area is covered in sinkholes because the rainwater is essentially acidic to the limestone cliffs and seeps through eroding out entire holes that lead right down to ocean caves. 
A little cliff fishing
The Alfanzina lighthouse
Sinkholes for days
Here is the tunnel to get down onto the otherwise inaccessible beach below. 
Secret beach side cave tunnels
Casa Verde, along side of the only populated cafe on the entire trail at Benagil Beach. 
Towards the end of the trail the sea stacks look incredible
And a pirate ship to end our beautiful afternoon with

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