Thursday, March 6, 2014

3/1/14 Day 44 Cádiz

Carnaval weekend is here! We got a ride from Faro to Cádiz by Blablacar and we are finally in Spain again, once again with a working phone. We arrive into the city Friday just as night begins to fall, we head to the theatre where the singing groups are competing to be a part of the parade on Sunday. 
The lights are everywhere and beautiful, put up for Carnaval festivities and turned on beginning Thursday night to signify the start of the celebration. 
While staying with Susín we also got to enjoy the company of his three Guinean pigs, and they get their own huge critter room. Lucky little animals! Apparently he recently had bunnies but they made a mess of the place so he got rid of them. 
The food was everywhere on Saturday, so much seafood. Piles and piles of urchins, full of an orange goo. Kevin has tried them in Japan and not ready to try another one so I didn't feel the need to taste one. 
Our 6 euro cocktail for the day. 
And the costumes, mostly group costumes, moreso than Halloween where it is mostly individual costumes. 
The plaza was filled with wasted parties by the early afternoon
Party in the street in front of the cathedral
Getting a breath of fresh air away from the crowds by the ocean breeze
A crazy night for sure, now to head home get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow!

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