Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/15/14 Day 58 Erg Chebbi Desert

We awoke from our desert slumber under our heavy 5 layers of wool blankets just in time to catch the end of the sunrise over the beautiful mountain dunes. Last nights clouds evaporated into a ceiling of blue. After sunrise we returned to camp for a goodbye as we were the only ones staying a second night. Also a quick breakfast of breads and spreads and yogurts with mint tea. Now properly filled with carbs and water it is time for us to head out into the dunes. The rain soaked through the top layers of sand allowing our footsteps to compress and resist against the granules, making it way easier to climb up and across the dunes. As the day continued on the perfect 80 degree weather continually warmed up and softened the sand between our bare toes. We zigzagged through the valleys climbing up each successively larger dune as it comes into view. The whole desert is around 20 by 50 kilometers but by the end of the day it felt as if we had walked the width of it. Past the dunes to the East lies the black desert of the neighboring country of Algeria. Pretty satisfied with our dune climbing we start heading towards camp for lunch, almost to the camp we see Hassan (one of our tour guides) in the distance. Calling out to him he comes running over looking a little frazzled and carrying a liter of water. He explains to us that he thought we went out with no water, laughing this off we reassure him we are not so inexperienced as to head out for a desert adventure with no water and we finish our walk back to camp with him. He cooks us a Berber Omelette and salad to go with our tea which we enjoy before heading back out to find a perch to watch the sunset from. By the time we return the new group of people has arrived to spend our second night with: 2 Argentinian girls and one more woman from Finland.  We enjoy our tagine dinner, drum circle, conversation and star gazing for the rest of the night before heading off to bed. 

This is Bob he is our forever favorite dromedary (one humped African camel)
Here is our camp all set up with Berber tents
Cute little desert fox trail, we tried to find him but sadly he must have been having a siesta

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