Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/18/14 Day 61 Fes to Chefchauen

We were awake by sunrise now for the fifth morning in a row, our packs were loaded and we got on our bus, no problems. We arrived in Chauen around 12:30 and the day was hot already and with a steep climb up the curving mountain-hugging streets. Asking at a few different hotels we find a hostel that Kevin bargains from 75 to 60 dirhams a night in a beautiful place with a chill vibe. Perfect. Dropping our bags off we head into the city to see the beautiful blue buildings that the city is famous for. They use indigo pigment and water to paint doorways, top half bottom half or the entire building different shades of blue. The other thing this town is known for quickly becomes apparent as everyone we pass between the ages of 15-55 asks us if we want to buy some hash. "Hashish" "want to smoke?" "Be my guest we have tea, you see my home, the factory, no problems" they are so annoying and persistent! We just want to hike around and see the goats and the blue houses and the beautiful Riff Mountains. It is just so exhausting always being viewed as a quick dirham to everybody. We thought that this chill mountain town would be different but it is just more of the same. At least the city is stunningly beautiful! So much beautiful color here!
They use indigo pigment and water in different concentrations to get the different hues of blues. 

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