Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/19/14 Day 62 Chefchauen to Tangier

After falling asleep early last night, waking up at 8:00 feels refreshing. After  our typical egg and bread breakfast we pack up our things to get ready for a hike. We head up and around the hillside climbing up the beautiful national park for a stunning look over Chefchauoen's blue imagery.  Our hike is cut short because today we are going back to Spain and there are a lot of connections we need in order to make it happen, first things first our bus from Chefchauen to Tangier leaves at 3:15. Saying goodbye to the hostel manager he informs us that we owe another 60 dirhams because there are two of us. A complete misunderstanding, Kevin had bargained for a bed not per person but apparently it was per person, worst part we have no extra money, just enough to get us to the ferry terminal and food. So after some pleading and sorry we give them 20 dirhams and book it to our bus, just in time to catch it. Alright a two hour ride and we will be on our way. Four hours later we are pulling into Tangier, of course the bus would take double the amount of time and now 7:10, the ferry we were trying to catch should be pulling away from the dock as we step off the bus. Okay I guess we will be catching the 23:00 ferry. We head up to the port and after a mile or so of walking we find the Acciona office, the company we bought our round trip ferry ticket from and the man behind the counter explains to us in a broken English fragmented Spanish conversation that there is no bus from the port and the last bus of the night from the bus station (that we just walked a mile away from) leaves at 20:00. Looking up at the clock reading 20:10 was pretty heart shattering I must say. The other option would be to take a taxi, minimum 100 dirhams surely more like 200 or more. Feeling so defeated we decide to stay the night in Tangier. Looking for a 50-60 dirham proves to be difficult but makes more sense when we find out the King is in town tonight...really tonight of all nights?! OF COURSE HE IS! Moroccans looooove their king and talk about him all the time so of course everything is booked. We finally find a place for 100 dirhams and give up and give in. It has been the hardest day of all the hard days we have had in Morocco, but when we wake up in the morning we get to go back to Spain, inshallah (if god wills it) as they always say when we refuse to buy this or that today, maybe tomorrow inshallah.  
Doing laundry by the riverside
Never too many goats
Here it is Chefchauen in all of its glory
We also found the best oranges here, they must be a cross with blood oranges because their color is fantastic, almost as good as the flavor. 

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