Friday, March 7, 2014

3/2/14 Day 45 Cádiz Carnaval

Managed to get ourselves up to the roof to watch the sunrise this morning. Such a beautiful view over the entire city. 
After heading back to bed for a little nap we got up and adventured around the city to see the sites. Cádiz is a very long, narrow peninsula of land, with a stormy sea when we walked along the bridge out to the alcazar. 
Walking through the parks you would almost never know that everyone is partying in the streets just blocks away. 
Here is one of the singing groups that Cádiz carnaval is famous for, this parade is what the weekend is all about! The floats drive through the city singing and performing. 
The witches were our favorite
Here is our group in the late hours of Sunday night. 
And here is the carnage of the streets, disgusting and reeking of urine. By morning the streets were clean with just a small trace of confetti. 
Our last morning in Cádiz with one last view of the city. Carnaval sure was crazy, glad to be returning to some normal traveling for awhile. Next stop the girls are dropping us off in Sevilla on their way to Porto. 

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