Friday, March 7, 2014

3/4/14 Day 47 Seville

Oh Seville, we arrived on a beautiful Monday afternoon, sun shining, birds chirping and citizens enjoying the day every way we looked. We walked along the river to get to Veronika's house, our so sweet host who offered to host us even though she is trying to finish her thesis. We spent the evening relaxing with her and enjoyed the first loose leaf tea we have had in two months. 
This morning we are heading out to see as much of the city as we can in 1 day. First stop the beautiful city walls. Alongside the city's miles and miles of bike paths. 
There are bike stands all over the city that you can take out for thirty minutes at a time for free if you pay the registration which is 12 euros per week or like 40 euros per year. A little steep for our one day use of them. But very cool I hope that every city soon adopts a bike share!
We made it to the Parasol, one of the main attractions we came to Seville for. Completed in 2011 this wood structure is breathtaking, and at 3 euros with a drink not a bad price for a monument. 
After thoroughly exploring as much as we could we went down to the lower floors where there is a food market and an exhibit with the original model, interestingly the designer and city went through a difficult time turning this table sized model into a multi story building. In the real model the wood is structurally held up with metal beams. 
Here are some Seville citizens doing what they seem to do best. Enjoying the outdoors! We have noticed since we got here that they really tend to be very active in kayaking, rollerblading and biking in this city. A wonderful outdoorsy vibe that makes the city very enjoyable. 
We must have noticed 5 or more types of kayaking, even specialty kayaks used for polo. For the first day we were under the impression that this was the river, but after noticing the weird shape on google maps we realized it is actually a canal and the river is a few hundred meters away parallel to the canal. Now it all makes sense why they have so much kayaking on the calm canal. 
More bike trails spread throughout the entire length of the city. 
Beautiful bridge across the calm canal. 
And here is the city's Plaza España. It is the most beautiful I have seen, most other cities have chair filled restaurant patios clogging up their plaza. This one is beautiful with horse carriages strolling through, paddle boats for hire and the sun beaming happily. 
Also featured in Sevilla's Plaza España are panels for each of Spain's counties with an azulejo depiction and informative tile map and bench area, such a beautiful thing to decorate the square with. 
Here is the cities Alcazar, not as impressive as some of the castles we have seen up until this point, but a castle is still a castle :-)
Here is the magnificent cathedral of Seville. It is the grandest that we have seen yet, even though the pictures don't do it justice. The inside was amazing with colorful stained glass and a huge wooden organ and phenomenal dazzling woodwork. 
The best way to travel in the city, a very ornamental carriage. 
Loose leaf tea! Walking in and being able to smell the different herbs and flowers. I am ready to head to a place with more than Spain's verde cha, boring green tea. 
We hung out to watch the trick rollerbladers for awhile. Essentially figure ice skating meets rollerblades. Very entertaining to watch for a bit. 

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