Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3/30/14 Day 73 Almeria

Luis, our Blablacar driver from Benajarafe was so incredibly nice, he even offered to drive us all the way to the doorstop of our home for the next few days. Hege was just arriving home with her roommate as we got into town. They cooked us a dinner of yummy roasted potatoes as we talked a lot about Norway where Hege is from and her life in Spain teaching English. Her roommate Lisa is from Germany and both of them are the sweetest girls. Dinner was followed by coffee and as it was a Saturday night it was now the appropriate hour to head out in Spain. A well known tapas bar, where we met some of Hege's coworkers, including an American girl from Pennsylvania who is teaching on a 5 month program instead of the standard 9 month program. We ended the night with an entire liter of Calimocho (a popular drink of wine and coca cola) for 2 euros before dragging ourselves home. 
Cabo De Gata is on the agenda for the next day, a beautiful nature reserve on the south tip of the Almeria coast, and only a one hour bus ride. Lisa, Kevin and I all set out in time to catch the 10:00 bus but miss it by a minute and catch the next one arriving on the beach of Cabo de Gata we quickly realize how windy it is regardless of the heat. We spend the whole day hiking around the jagged molten rocks to get to the beautiful beaches and small city of San Jose on the other side of the park. In total the hike is a 15 kilometer 7 hour adventure overlooking unready coastlines with very few tourists in our path. An amazing day with a well deserved nap on the bus back to Almeria. 

The asparagus-like blooms of the aloe Vera plants

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