Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4/16/14 Day 90 Figueres Dali Museum

Bellies full after a three course paella lunch complete with mussels and wine Sergi is nice enough to drop us off in Figueres, a thirty minute drive from Roses and the location of the Dali Museum. The museum is housed in an old theater and held sentiment for Dali as Figueres is his hometown and this particular theatre held one of his first exhibitons. Inside there is an incredible collection of mostly lesser known works, including sculptures and a variety of his 3D collages. So happy we got to see both his home and the museum that was set up by the man himself. Such an amazing and inventive artist, truly inspired. 

An opinion on Picasso
Artistic genius <3
This series of paintings really takes the cake, two paintings with different hues, next to each other with an intersecting mirror, gives an excellent 3D color effect. 
Mae West assembled as a living room. 

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