Thursday, May 8, 2014

4/20/14 Day 94 Gaudi in Barcelona

Park Guell is nestled up above Barcelona city center, the houses are really spectacular in all of their gingerbread gumdrop glory. All amped up to go see one of the last free attractions left in Barcelona. Sadly we are greeted with an 8 euro fence separating us and the park, disappointed by the sell-out of the park we chose to pass. That is until the walking tour when our guide told us that after 20:00 all of the guards head home and the park is free to visit until the next morning. Sure enough arriving on time we only have to wait until 20:30 but shortly before the guards pack up all of the gates and on the dot drive away in their little security trucks. The park is all ours to enjoy... Along with the other 100 people  already crowding around that famous lizard. The elements of earth and the elements is evident throughout the park and attention to detail is phenomenal. We arrived in Barcelona nearly two weeks ago but have yet to see inside Guadi's great church, we have seen it at night, we have seen it during the day and we have even been on a free walking tour highlighting his most famous works and learning many interesting facts about his early life. Today, Easter, 4/20/14 is when we finally decide it is worth it to buy 16 euro tickets to get inside. We buy the tickets online as they suggest to eliminate standing in a queue wrapping around the entire city block. You get an hour time-slot  so naturally everyone shows up right on the hour and waits in the queue anyways. Our ticket was 15:00-16:00 so we went right at 14:40, just as the previous hour line was dying down and before our time was starting to linr up, worked brilliantly no waiting at all. Unfortunately the towers were all sold out apparently only 5 people can go up at a time. I didn't even know there was a limited number of spots. Oh well, next time! The inside is breathtaking, I was expecting the "tree branch" pillar foundation to be phenomenal and it was but the stained glass work is out of this world the way the light reflects back into the cathedral. 

Casa Batllo and it's beautiful skeleton/Carnaval details

Pattern designed by Gaudi and used all over the city. 

The back facade, a bit disappointing as the original plans and models were destroyed during the civil war and this portion was designed by another renowned modern architect, Joseph Subirachs but obviously differs from Gaudi's style

Explanation of the tree inspiration to hold up his amazing architectural arches. 
If nature doesn't need straight lines why should buildings, the methods of a brilliant architect. 
Here is a model Gaudi made to figure out the shape of the arches using the catenary arch using differing volumes of sand in bags hanging from a frame. 

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