Saturday, May 10, 2014

4/25/14 Day 99 Glendalough

Waking up slowly as we were a bit sore and it turned out to be a very cold night, the condensation in our tent had even frozen, but we slept right through it cuddled in our favorite gear.  We finally crawled out of our sleeping bags and were all packed and ready to go thirty minutes later and hiking our way from Laragh the three kilometers back to Glendalough. After visiting the information center and reading about the different marked trails we decided on a 11 kilometer hike going up beside the waterfall, 600 stairs up the cliff lined valley hills, and back down and around both of the tree dotted lakes. The hike was beautiful, we ended with a lunch break at St. Kevin's church, near the monastic settlement. At 16:30 we were ready to start our journey for the evening, we walked the three kilometers back to Laragh and proceeded to hitch-hike, it didn't take too long for us to get a ride to Rathburn a short distance of 10 kilometers by a very sweet German girl who had actually seen us hiking earlier today. From there we got picked up and offered a ride to the next city, but halfway there he actually offered to drive us 10 extra kilometers out of his way to Arklow, our destination for the evening. *Faith in humanity continually restored* it only took us 1.5 hours to Achieve 24 kilometers from Laragh to Arklow, much faster than walking which was our alternative. The bus network here is really not very widespread and or affective and even when there are connections the pricing makes no sense. Today was the third beautiful blue sky day in a row but tonight and over the weekend it is supposed to get ugly so we found a great spot to hunker down the tent and we are again utilizing the mans right of lands to camp anywhere. Our spot for the night is very protected and we can hear the waves crashing against the beach, plus we are not far from tomorrow's destination, a beautiful beach known as Britta's Bay. Fingers crossed for sun but rain gear is piled and easily accessible. 

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