Saturday, May 10, 2014

4/26/14 Day 100 Arklow

The wind and rain absolutely pounded the tent all night, I woke up a few time horrified that maybe everything I own and treasure would be sopping wet. We made it through though and the morning light through the tent seemed almost inviting. However when I reached down beside me I realized Kevin's base layer coat was underneath my mattress pad and,sopping wet...oops. Therefore I was also laying in a puddle, but everything else was completely dry thanks to our amazing thermarest mattress pads that keep us inches off of the ground. We discovered the small corner we had missed double checking the tarp and if it hadn't been for that one corner the tent would have been completely dry, yay for learning. The tent really did hold up very well though, against the 40 m.p.h winds and torrential rains. We fell back asleep for two hours and the jacket was already dry when we got up and packed up our site. Walking along the raging tides we worked our way North until the slate cliffs became impassable at which time we walked up the trail to the fields of sheep and walked through the fields (in Ireland it is common knowledge that it is legal to pass through fields and land as long as your are respectful and close any gates you open) once the fields also became impassable we took to the roads where we were gladly accepting rides as the rain had already thoroughly wetted our rain coats, rain pants and rainproof backpack covers. We spent two hours walking in some of the worst conditions I have ever had to walk in (I mean seriously pouring down rain and high winds) before we got a ride to Britta's Bay where we stopped and enjoyed an Irish Coffee in a warm dry pub. At this point we were too soaked and the winds were too high for us to even want to attempt to go to the beach. So we continued onward to Wicklow where we wandered around town and enjoyed our brown paper bag lunch on the beach. Following Wicklow we got rides to Annamoe and Laragh, a total of four rides and too many kilometers walked. We are working our way back to Moone with an exact deadline of tomorrow sometime. So by 8:00 our last ride pointed us in the direction of great river camping spot and sent us on our way with two tall boys of coors light. 3 of our drivers drove us more than 10 kilometers out of their way today, so nice!

Kevin's beach combing prize, an unopened 2 liter of coke

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