Wednesday, June 4, 2014

5/24/14 Day 128 Dublin, Ireland

After a month in the country, we have finally arrived to explore Dublin a bit. We meet Adam our CS host in town, along with two other couch surfers from Texas at a bar in town before heading back to his place where we are greeted by Carly 1 more American surfing from Wisconsin and Alex an Italian surfer who is essentially an adopted roommate at this point. It is the last week of renting their house and they are trying to max out the amount of couch surfers they can host, resulting in a 5 Amrican majority for the night. After a few drinks at home we were ready to head out for some Dublin nightlife. The music is good, except that it is essentially an entire Justic album, mixed with an entire Daft Punk album, with a drunk saxophonist thrown in...but the locals seem to enjoy it. After a long night out and a late morning sleeping in we spend the better part of our day wandering the Southern portion of the city. Much of the city we leave unseen because in a little over a month from now we will be exploring it with Julie our roommate so we will leave the best for last!

Here is Temple Bar, in the Temple Bar neighborhood. It is ironically reputed as a great pub environment in a historically bohemian area, but of course because it is so popular to visit, obviously the charm has been lost and the prices are out of control, to go hand in hand with the now undesirable atmosphere. Either way it was amusing to watch the tourists flock here photographing the place without a clue why it is even famous.
 Truth ;-)
And I thought the states were bad, you don't even have to navigate to get your fix here
Speaking of fat, an amazing exhibit for free at Trinity College, they have different exhibitions monthly, next up is a weather exhibit, surely we will be back for that. 

The bike scheme here is quite cheap in comparison to other cities there is a 3 day option starting at 5 euros if I remember correctly. 

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