Monday, June 9, 2014

5/31/14 Day 135 Glasgow

We spent our first day in Glasgow wandering around the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow and continuing through the rest of the West End and the University area. We walked through the beautiful campus of the University of Glasgow, supposedly one of the main inspirations for Hogwarts. After already visiting Edinburgh's Victoria Street which has a clear resemblance to Diagon Alley. Interesting to note JK Rowling has such a strong connection to the country as a whole, she just donated 1£ million to the anti independence vote for Scotland. Oh by the way if you missed out; on September 18 Scotland voters are going to the polls to decide if they will become an independent country from the United Kingdom...who knew?! It is crazy to think about what would happen to their currency, military, EU status??? 
We spent the next evening dancing our hearts out at Colours Music Festival experiencing first hand the effects of Buckfast, a 15% alcohol content fortified wine and energy drink beverage that is popular with the clubbers and local Neds (a colloquial term meaning; degenerate, young idiots, who tend to wear sweatsuits).  Ahhhhh alcoholic energy, and for less than 4£, makes me reminisce about the days of Four Loko, which was surprisingly also available in Scotland, proudly displayed with the Buckfast. The next day we slept in and relaxed safe from the rain, until the evening when Scott's new couch surfer arrived and we went out for beers and a night tour of the city coming to a finale with a beautiful view of the city lights from the Necropolis high up on the hill overlooking the city. The cemetery was a bit creepy at night, but the grandeur of the tombstones was worth it! 

Glasgow Botanical Gardens

University district in Glasgow, complete with a total hipster vibe
The University of Glasgow

The Four Loko of Scotland, still legal to purchase
Posing with Scott and Monika during midnight Necropolis visit

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