Friday, June 27, 2014

6/16/14 Day 151 WorkAway Wales

We have spent two weeks working at Taran Eco Designs, one of the businesses in the Corris Craft Center in Wales. It is a reclaimed wood building project that utilizes drift wood, old fence posts, fallen logs and the likes to create beautiful furniture and decorative pieces through a sustainable process. The place is run by John who is very laid back and has an amazingly simple and genuine outlook on life. He provided Queen Omega his caravan for us to live in behind the shop. With no running shower we were treated to trips to the local spa for a sauna every couple of days, and one of the days we even got to go to a secluded sauna up in the woods built right on a lake. You have to bring up all of your own firewood on a bit of an upwards hike, but are rewarded with a splendor ours face melting sauna, followed closely by a dizzying dip into a lake filled cavern while your body tries desperately to figure out if you are too hot or too cold. Corris is located just a few miles from Machynlleth, and is within the boundary of Snowdonia National Park, most abundantly there are waterfalls and slate mines everywhere, along with beautiful mountains and a decent share of remote beaches. Each city seems to have an increasingly difficult to pronounce consonant stuffed name: Tywyn, Aberdovey, Dolgellau, Llanidloes, even if you can wrap your mind around how you might pronounce are surely wrong! From 10-5 the storefront is open and we are all busily cutting and sanding in the workshop with a communal breakfast and lunch, vegetarian diet and at 17:00 the doors are locked and beaches and forest paths await our exploration. On some dates we had long lunch breaks, soaking in the sunshine. One of the days John looked at us and told us to take the day off and get into the sunshine so we climbed the 10 miles away Cader Idris, a beautiful range, one of my favorite quiet treks we have done. 

The workshop kitchen
John and Senna
Some of the wood stock

Queen Omega, home

Some beautiful reclaimed chairs

Kevin working away on the pyro machine
Planter boxes we whipped up
Willow bark that we stripped creating a beautiful wood to work with, it is also used as a natural aspirin

Sleeping on the beach for a change in scenery one night

Our beautiful secluded sauna

The hike up Cader Idris 

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