Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/5/14 Day 140 Morecambe Bay Bike Ride

Finally a day where we get to ride bikes with no backpacks and no timelines, just us the country roads of the Lakes District and a plethora of sheep. We are heading to see Morecambe Bay on the southern coast of the Lakes District, it is known to have a very dangerous tide. It is a really wide bay, with a river flowing out into it, and sands deeper than 80 meters. These factors lead to the quicksand patches that change position on the daily, combined with the rapid tide and funnel shape of the bay. In 2004 there was a tragedy in which 23 cockle pickers were all caught in the tides and died, among many other incidents. About an hour before the tide comes in the cities ring an alarm that sounds like a tsunami warning, to alert that the tides are changing. It is crazy that tideflats that look so similar to the ones we have grown up on could be so dangerous. By the time we heard the eerie tide alert it was time to bike the 12 miles back to Kendal for barbecue and ElderflowerFest! We have been waiting all week for it; we are going to pick, sort and pluck as many elderflowers as we possibly can to help Alan and Amanda brew as much wine and beer from it as they can, all in exchange for a fantastic barbecue dinner, and as much of last years elderflower wine as we can handle. Needless to say it is the perfect way to end our week in the Lakes District!

Our first look at Morecambe Bay from the city of Arnside

It is a tradition that on Christmas Day locals walk over the train track bridge, because is is the only day of the year that the trains do not run. 

Picking elderflowers on the way home

 Beers all bottled up and ready to carbonate
Elderflower beer happily fermenting
An amazing week enjoying the beautiful Lakes District with Alan and Amanda
And waving goodbye to their adorable house from the 1700's

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