Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6/21/14 Day 156 Solstice at Stonehenge

The stones forming Stonehenge originated from Wales and are under strict protection with barriers keeping visitors at a safe distance away, but during Solstice they open the barriers up and allow visitors to get right up next to the stones in a managed open access to support the spirituality of Stonehenge. Solstice at Stonehenge is on the agenda for the night for Alison, Kevin and I. Getting close to 20:00 the sun is getting lower and lower in the sky as we establish our bus route, including a bus from Bournemouth to Salisbury connecting with a bus from there to Stonehenge, just beyond Amesbury. Finally stepping off the bus into a car loaded grass lot, the sun has left for the night and it is cold out, luckily we are layered. Finally getting through security we see the stones for the first time, they are massive! I mean of course they are large, but really, impressive up close. We find Nick Josh and Margaux sitting up against one of the stones on the outer circle, just drinking cider, sitting with the stones...naturally. We curl up against it as well sipping on a bottle of Bushmills to keep us toasty. The sun is scheduled for a 5:00 arrival. We spend the night laughing, wandering around the stones in the dark and sprawled around the fire pits set up near the outskirts of the outermost ring. Half past 3 and the memory of the cold air begins to float away as the color above us begins to shift. Wanting to ensure we get a proper spot to watch the shortest night of the year come to an end we prop ourselves atop the ledge, where we watch the night transform to day for the next 90 minutes as the local Pagans perform Solstice rituals. By the time the time we get back to Bournemouth it is 9:00 in the morning and time for a nap, but what an amazing experience!

Fire pits scattered around the monument 

Getting a little one on one time with the stones

Kevin, Alison, Me, Nick and Margaux after a log night waiting for this amazing moment

Like any good festival, a long line out

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