Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6/22/14 Day 157 Weymouth Southwest Coast Path

Still groggy from our morning at Stonehenge we get up and pack our bags for our four day Southwest Coast Path exploration. Nick is nice enough to drop us off at the chain ferry saving us three miles of walking. With the intention to make it to Weymouth. On the other side of the ferry we attempted hitch hiking in a mostly joking manner, not actually expecting three people with packs to get picked up. To our amazement after a short walk a Range Rover pulls over and waves us on in. We are greeted by a mother, 9 year old son and father who was celebrating his 50th birthday! They squeeze us in even though there are 6 of us in five seater and learn that they are actually from Alaska, and familiar with Seattle. They dropped us off at the intersection they were turning off for dinner. We got one more ride from a local who was nice enough to drop us right at the trail head. After walking for about twenty minutes we realized that we were actually exhausted from staying up the whole night at Stonehenge and were in no way going to make it to our destination from this point on the trail. We found a nice flat spot off the trail a bit and set up our tent overlooking a beautiful cliff side.

Waking up as the tent temperature increases by the minute, Alison Kevin and I enjoy a full English Breakfast after packing up our cozy tent-home. Finally feeling rested and ready for a full day of hiking we made our way out to the road with a more realistic plan to take a bus to Weymouth and walk from there to Durdle Door over the next two days. Making our way back out to the road and heading up to Wool, where we can catch the train to Weymouth. Hitch hiking again, just in case someone was feeling like driving us the rest of the way. The very first car that drove by pulled over up the road in his KTM Motorsports van, upon climbing into the back we realized it has been converted into a caravan. Asking him about his day we found out he milks cows in the area for a living and was on his way back from lunch. He chatted with us about how he is ready to get out of the industry. When I asked him what he would want to do next, he confidently confided that he is thinking about getting into sheep shearing! He drops us off in the town of Wool where we are able to get a train to Weymouth. The city is filled with people, military uniforms and even American tanks to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. We wander through the streets and over the canals around the harbor, walking 3 miles to Chesil beach, made of 18 miles of smooth stones and pebbles, not the sandy sanctuary we were expecting based on google maps but the waves are nice. After laying on the beach for an hour it was time to start on towards our campsite for the evening. We hiked along the Southwest Coast Path for 6 miles or so until we found a nice cliff to set up our tent. 

Pointing to our home in Seattle

Tanks on the beach!

Chesil beach

This seagull has been gulping down fish for hours, barely even trying to eat anymore just playing with his food at this point

Southwest Coast Path Waymarker
My favorite people!
A campsite well earned

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