Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6/23/14 Day 158 Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

A beautiful night with no rain and the only sounds emanating from around us of the waves and the sound of a stranger lurking in circles around the tent. Upon waking up and discussing this paranoid realization we all shared. And, only after also assessing the large amount of rabbit poo did we come to the conclusion that the sounds of our tent stalker was, in fact a herd of midnight grass-munching bunnies! With that sorted our days hike can commence. We spend buckets of energy struggling up and down the three massively steep hills that welcome our wary bodies onto the pebbles of Durdle Door beach. Reaping the reward we laid in the glorious sunshine for a few hours, dipping into the cold English Channel every so often. It is our last day with Alison as she will fly out to Spain tomorrow, it has been so great to get to explore with my best friend in England! We continue past Durdle Door to climb the highest pyramid of all of the hills we have topped today, and made it to Lulworth Cove. We spend some time skipping rocks on the white chalk beach, waiting for the sun to fade into the horizon before spending our last night camping under the stars.  

Typical camping breakfast

Durdle Door Beach

The finest pebble sand we have ever seen
A whole beach made up of white chalk pebbles

Going to miss her!

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