Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6/27/14 Day 162 Southwest Coast Drive

Kevin, Nick and I woke up early as the beach we slept on is definitely not supposed to be wild camped on, we packed up and cooked our eggs in the parking lot, (like the homeless wanderers we are). The weather was supposed to be awful today, but all I see are blue skies and beaches for miles and miles. Driving along and we pass the first sign for B'fastleigh, just as I was thinking what a strange and long name: Nick starts to explain that it is where the abbey that produces Buckfast is located, and we pass another sign for Buckfastleigh in that moment the decision to visit the abbey is made, to buy some Buckfast from the Monks! Buckfast is the 15% alcohol tonic wine loaded with caffeine that we discovered in Scotland, clearly a good choice to stop and check out the abbey, and purchase three bottles for ourselves. Further down the road we pulled off to explore Berry Head where Nick managed to catch us 4 mackerel to fry up for lunch. While gutting the fish a hungry and confident seal came up to play catch for a few easy mackerel heads. He literally dove to catch them and bobbed right back up ready for another, just like a domesticated dog! Adventure complete we turned the car back to Bournemouth after one last put stop at Chesil Beach. The result a relaxing and Buckfast filled evening, and ultimately, me watching the sunrise because I was now too caffeinated to sleep. 


Clearly meant to be Buckfast models

More old quarries



Berry Head Lookout

Chesil Beach from the other end

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