Tuesday, September 2, 2014

8/17/14 Day 213 All weekend rager in Berlin, Germany

It is Julie and Celeste's last weekend traveling with us and the only solution to turn our frowns upside down is to party it up, our destination of choice....Berlin! Best of all Albert is returning to spend his last weekend in Europe as well, and even better than that, our friend Misha is also coming from Amsterdam to spend the weekend with us! With a group of 6 we are now a force to be reckoned with and Couchsurfing is not a good option since we are going to be partying all weekend. We find a fantastic place on AirBnB for only 35€ a night for all 6 of us! AirBnB is a website similar to Couchsurfing, but in this version the extra couch or room, or apartment or mansion is rented and it is less about the culture and connection (although dependent on the particular situation there may be a host who is home and available) in our situation the entire flat is ours and the host is not even in the country, so we have the flat to use as we please; living room, hookah, kitchen and our own shower! Albert has already been to Berlin and is able to to recommend an assortment of clubs for us to head to after a nice family dinner and of course champagne. We spend a clumsy hour fumbling around on the metro because some of the lines are shut down but we finally arrive to Watergate just in time to stand in line for a couple of hours. The clubs in Berlin are not like most clubs, if you are overdressed you will not get in, if you are too cool, no entrance for you, the whole city is very Industrial and so is the club scene, they want a very particular crowd in attendance. People get turned down left and right, but our group fortunately makes it in (mind you this club is in no way one of the most elite in the city). The fantastic location with a porch right onto the canal make for a fantastic morning though and by 10:00 we are all danced out and ready to head back to our apartment where we sleep away the day until it is time to drag ourselves out of our nocturnal habit and rally to go out again. With a few giant 3€ doner kebabs we are fed and ready, skipping the metro struggle, tonight we arrive to Tresor early, around 1:00 and this industrial playground continues to fill out through the night. The drinks are cheap compared to most places in Europe and we keep each other hydrated with them all night long. With a drunk stumble back home at 10:00 again we set our alarms for 16:00 so we will have enough time to catch the street market. With an extra touch or two on the snooze we just barely make the market, but get to see the end of it in action and of course make a point to enjoy a currywurst (bratwurst and fries covered in a delicious curry sauce). The last hours of our time together are spent gazing at the East Side Gallery. 

The whole crew in our flat for the weekend

I bought an amazing set of earrings made out of a nut from Colombia known as Tagua

Bottle openers on every cornerstone counter

Our flat for the weekend
Very boho and funky
Perfect for the weekend we needed

Going to miss everybody so much <3

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