Tuesday, September 2, 2014

8/19/14 Day 215 Liege and Brussels, Belgium

A relaxing day in Liege, Belgium is exactly what we needed after our whirlwind 5 weeks with Julie and Celeste. Exasperated and with no plans and no direction Kevin and I sent out a last minute request and we were accepted to couch-surf with Sarah in Liege. We left Berlin at 9:00 a.m. With Julie and Celeste heading to Copenhagen while we dropped Albert off at the airport in Frankfurt, a grueling 6 hour drive, he made his flight with 0 minutes to spare, and only actually got on due to a lucky 15 minute delay. Sarah had dinner ready for us when we arrived, a traditional dish made of green beans, potatoes, Caramelized onions, bacon and a white sauce described as a poor dish eaten during the war. We slept in this morning and it felt fantastic to wake up and have no agenda. We eventually decided to have a wander around the city and made our way up the Montagne de Bueren, a set of 300+ stairs overlooking the city center before we continued to wind our way through the brick buildings in city center. We even found our way to the best Liege waffle in town with a variety of three flavors: chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon, we decided to partake in the vanilla Liege waffle and followed it up with a liter of local beer for good measure before driving to Brussels to spend our Tuesday night. 

Brussels is a beautiful city with enough chocolate samples to ward off even the growliest of tummies. We found ourselves a Brussels waffle, the second most famous of the waffle varieties in Belgium behind the (in my opinion better tasting Liege waffle). We detour throughout the small streets and find ourselves in front of the famous (I don't know why) Mannekin Pis fountain. When we can't possibly stuff anymore chocolate or frites into our bellies we head for the Atomium, Brussel's World's Fair 1958 creation. It has 9 connected atoms of stainless steel with a height of 102 meters (335 feet), we arrived to late to take the elevator up to the top but were able to marvel at it from sunset until the structure began to glimmer. 

Entering Belgium

Montaigne de Bueren

Liege waffle, they are more irregularly shaped, chewy and sweeter with caramelized sugar over top
Another Liege waffle

The Brussels waffle on the other hand is perfectly square and more crisp and light and is accompaniedby powdered sugar
The nose of Ghent, a liquid raspberry filled gummy treat typical of the area
Perfect flowing fondue

TinTin the comic is from here and comics are popular throughout the city
I don't understand why, but here it is, the famous Manneken Pis it has been here since 1618, so it must be worthy

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