Tuesday, September 2, 2014

8/21/14 Day 217 Rotterdam, Netherlands

It is still so weird that Kevin and I are alone again, so much room in the backseat of Poly, and such a more leisurely pace. As for Poly we have been filling her void win BlaBlacar passengers, it helps the decision to keep the car continue to be financially feasible. It is simple I type in my itinerary on the website, a common price is suggested, I can either add or subtract from this number, set a time, write in any notes and wallah I wait for someone to request a spot. Most of the trips we have done we have gotten two people and it pays the cost of the fuel for that trip, thanks to Poly's super efficient little engine. Kevin and I do the driving and navigating and essentially get free fuel, it is brilliant! As for the leisurely pace we find ourselves in Rotterdam for a few days on our way to Mysteryland in Amsterdam on Saturday. We were lucky enough to get a last minute couch from Danielle (as we have been floundering for days and unable to send out requests in advance) just outside of the city in a nice suburb, Schiedam. We gladly walked the the three miles to Rotterdam city center, it is nice to get an extended leg stretch from the car. We pass by many bicycles, canals and very cool coffeeshops, you would think it was Amsterdam or something?! Apparently the coffee shops are not restricted to Amsterdam, news to me. We pass the time gaping at all of the amazing architecture that began to boom in the middle of the millennia, after the city was bombed flat in WWII and had to start all over. The famous cube houses are remarkably close to the brand new, not even open market house that should be presented later this year and the apartment buildings and office spaces are consistently adventurous throughout the cities boundaries. We found some nice frites, which just so happened to be Kevin's favorite so far in Europe, and that is saying something considering he has sampled fries in most cities we have been to. Overall we really enjoy Rotterdam, it is likes chill cheaper version of Amsterdam, with creative architecture. 

Bike stair rail

These little goslings have almost lost their ugly duckling, still not quite pearly white but two of them are close
Papa swan hissed at me

Submarine themed coffeeshop

The new market place

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