Monday, September 15, 2014

8/26/14 Day 222 Scandinavia Bound

We drove all the way through Denmark up to the very tip of the country to catch our ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand on a short three hour ferry ride. Our first full day in Norway is begun by looking at the maps to decide which fjords to get a better look at (which by the way is a ridiculous task) choosing between 1,190 different options! At random we choose Flekkefjord to be our first vista point and we are far from disappointed after our 6.0 kilometer hike overlooking the fjord. 

To get to Rennesøy island we passed over the bridges and under the tunnels. With our *trusty* google maps route set to avoid tolls we were a bit bummed when we came across our first toll sign. Feeling defeated we drove through, and realized it is not a toll booth, but actually an electronic toll which upon more research we found out doesn't even deliver international toll charges for approximately 6 months. Problem solved, they should reach Ireland to a Mr. Kevin Klemm(p)t, just about the time we will be in...Asia?! We uncheck the toll avoidance box and drive-on (toll-free) through countless tolls and tunnels, because apparently Norway has a plethora of both. 

We parked at Sel gathered up the things we would need for a night in the wilderness and hiked the 3 kilometers up to the point overlooking all of the islands of the archipelago. We enjoyed an incredible sunset whose colors splattered across the sky for over an hour while we prepared our camp stove-soup dinner. As the light finally started to escape from the sky we set up our tent and curled up, not twenty minutes later we heard a huge boom and confused and a bit nervous we investigated outside of our tent to find a professional firework show exploding across the inlet. As the firework smoke began to clear the air we realized that we could see more stars from this vantage point than ever before, with the Big Dipper practically within arms reach. Sipping our rationed two beers a day, here's a cheers to Norway, what a fantastic beginning. 

The wind turbine arms look so much bigger when they are cruising down the highway
Sunset from Hirtshals, Denmark

Norwegian Kroner with an exchange rate of 6 Kroner to 1$ things seem even more astoundingly expensive than they actually are up here

Tree fort


Just some adorable Norwegian houses

Saving money on auto-tolls no pay, all day, everyday!
Lengthy Tunnels

Our hike on Rennesøy

The archipelago in the Stavanger region is breathtaking

Sunset on Rennesøy

Stupid animal gates

A little afternoon beekeeping

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