Monday, September 15, 2014

8/28/14 Day 224 Hiking Preikestolen

With a big yawn I rolled over to see the underside of a ticks belly, first thing in the morning, gross I thought as I flicked his body from the no-seeum! We began to flatten and fold all of our camping gear together when I discovered a teensy tiny tick on my leg, I panicked until Kevin helped me get it off, and upon thoroughly checking the rest of my body found another on my arm. Really panicking now we very quickly get packed up the rest of the way so that we can get back to the car and ensure they are all off, we end up finding three more (all tiny, but attached and disgusting nonetheless). Now pest free it is time to make our way to Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen. The parking lot was crowded as we pulled up around 13:00 and the 4 hour linear trail only took us 3 hours and was highly maintained the entire way, much of the path is even comfortably installed with wooden boardwalks. The climb takes about 90 minutes up and the view on top is incredible, but so is the amount of people loitering and lunching directly in the middle of the view. Preikstolen is a 30 meter angled cliff overhang, 600 meters above the beautiful and sparkling Lysefjord. After a gourmet tuna sandwich lunch we hiked the stairs of stone back to the car and granted one final glance at Lysefjord, and onto the next one! We stopped for fuel and it was a jaw dropping 470 Kroner for 30 liter. Alright now to put that in perspective 30 liters is roughly 8 gallons, which in a small VW is about a third of its 12 gallon tank. As for the monies there are about 8 Kroner to the Euro, and a fraction less for the USD, so 470. Kroner is 58€ and 76$ for two-thirds of a tank on our tiny 1-liter Polo! Next stop is our first attempt at working the system in a Kiwi Mini Pris; if food expires day of you get it for free (mostly deli and ready to go meals, sandwiches, salads etc.) if the food is past expiration they will actually pay you the price of the item! This is meant to keep the store with the most fresh up to date product as possible, and to keep them honest. Unfortunately we know from talking to our friend Hege in Almeria, Spain that this is not how the Norwegian people feel, in reality it allows the employees to be lazy and not care. With a successful score of three packages of sushi we are out the door and on the road again. With another hour of driving behind us and we are ready to crash, we pull over onto one of the beautiful pull outs beside lake Suldalsvatnet, clicked our seats back to the flat position and fell asleep under the crisp stars lakeside.

600 meters or 1800 feet down

So many tourists

Free sushi

Beautiful roadside waterfalls everywhere
And green roofs galore on everything from shopping centers to bus stops

Glacial reflection

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