Monday, September 15, 2014

8/31/14 Day 227 Bergen-Our First Norwegian City

Bergen is the first Norwegian city we actually make it into as the; hiking, waterfalls and free auto-tolls have up to this point been more enticing for us. However the time has come to actually wander through the streets of an unfamiliar city. We pull up to the mansion of a household located on Askøy Island, just a quick 20 minutes from Bergen center. Inside we are greeted by a collage of backgrounds including: Japanese, Australian, Italian, German and of course more Americans adding up to 14 of us in all on the first night and a fantastic variety for the Friday night International Dinner. Stian opens his 10 bedroom home up to the couch surfers of the world for the first three nights, after which he begins to charge a minimal nightly charge of around 20€, which in Norway really is minimal in comparison to any hostels or hotels. 

The following day we actually made it into city center where we hiked up to the top of Mount Fløien, one of the seven hills surrounding the city  for a beautiful view. We walked in and amongst the colorful caviar and salmon filets of the market and of course across the front of the Bryggen, a unesco heritage site. There are 61 wooden buildings within the districts historical boundary. Nowadays the houses are filled with museums, tourist centered shops and the same Norwegian souvenirs for sale in most all of them. 

Stian's beautiful home in Askøy (pronounced Askay)

Friday night International dinner
Bergen fish market, princess caviar

Sausage from whales, moose, and goat
Classy & McDonalds, oxymoron, nope just Norwegian style
Summitted Fløien in less than an hour and with this view as a reward

The funicular option for lazy tourists

And the Bryggen's adorable pier side shops

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