Monday, September 1, 2014

8/14/14 Day 210 Innsbruck, Austria & Schloss Neuschwantstein Castle (Disney)

We spend most of our daylight driving from Pisogne, Italy to Innsbruck, Austria. Upon arrival we found ourselves a nice variety of half liter beers followed by a nice lakeside to camp beside for the night. We awake to that all too familiar sound of a sloshy campsite, we get our sopping wet tents stashed away as quickly as possible and turn our route towards Germany. Within a quick 5 miles on the road we have crossed another invisible barrier into Deutschland (Germany). Another thirty minutes beyond the border and we are ogling at Schloss Neuschwantstein, the castle that inspired the Disney castle and is familiar to children all over the world, unfortunately this castle contains no talking animals, but the views are quite nice. The line was forever long and we don't have a reservation, and the rain is still pouring, making streams across the sea of umbrellas. So we decide to do what any practical scheming backpacker might do; we head up to the reservation window where there is no line and spill a story about how we booked our tickets, but then we never got an email confirmation and we thought that it went through, but we can't be sure *concerned expressions the entire time*. He searched through the database but just couldn't seem to track down our reservation, the best he could do for us was to offer  us a new reservation for one hour out. Stoked on avoiding the lines we victoriously awarded ourselves with a beer and veal sausage (when in Rome, even though my subconscious hates me for the veal) and at 14:00 we began our trek up the hill for the forty minute walk to the castle. The building was only completed in 1869 but was built with the intention of appearing older. The tour was with a huge group and we couldn't hear a lot of the information, but the gist of it was that the king lived in the castle across the street while this castle was built, and he died before he ever got to live in it, and it was never finished after he died. It is pretty from the outside anyways. 

The ends of the Italian Alps and entry into the Austrian Alps
Mobile stoplight, adorable
Innsbruck, Austria
Yummmmm hefeweizen region, finally
Schloss Neuschwanstein

Views summoned by royalty

Car camping
Deluxe tortellini with our coveted jalapeƱos, purchased in Spain (where it is near impossible to find anything spicy worthwhile)
Purchases from our favorite stores in Europe, LiDL and ALDI (the cheapest grocery stores consistently, with decent product, and ALDI's owner is actually the brother of the owner of Trader Joe's) In Germany they have a massive bottle recycle scheme and these beers come in plastic resealable bottles with a .25€ refund when you return them, but seriously resealable beers, Germany clearly gets it!
German dinner; Goulash, smelly cheese, hefeweizen, meatballs and schnitzel 

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