Monday, September 22, 2014

9/16/14 Day 243 Opatija, Croatia

Casey, Devna, Kevin and I hunker down in a cosy apartment in Opatija just a couple hundred kilometers away on the East side of the Istria peninsula for a bit of recuperation after Unknown. Our requirements: cheap, with beds and a washing machine. Much of our day is spent lounging and catching up on the internet world and trying to will our clothes to dry faster in the summer air. Finally tired of sitting around the apartment we loaded up in the car and drove the 10 kilometers or so to Rijeka. Upon arrival we realized what every Croat (Croatian people) knows, Rijeka is a port city, no frills and not excessively pretty, we did manage to entertain ourselves for a few hours anyways. 

Dehydrated figs, there are trees ripe with fruit all over the city!

Ajvar, the sauce of Croatia, they put it on everything. It is a red pepper and eggplant based sauce on the sweeter side used for fry dip, meat sauce, bread spread, you name it!
And this little gem of a beverage is Cedevita, the modern day Croatian and more beneficial version of tang, with the benefits of Airborne and enough Vitamin C to kick any hangover to the curb. Also you can get it in these water bottles where you twist the cap and the sealed powder chamber breaks and funnels into the water creating a giroscope of Cedavita flavor (and vitamins). 
Nice implementation of free in city wifi
Fish markets closed for the afternoon

Cute recycling scheme

Prehistoric cranes

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