Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/18/14 Day 245 Zadar and Krka Falls National Park

The next morning we spent wandering the streets of historic Zadar. The city center is walled in, and it is engulfed by sea almost the entire way around. We relax and take in the eerie tones and notes from the Sea Organ. It is a masterpiece built into the promenade that reacts like a church organ where the waves interact with a system of underwater tubes. A beautiful addition to Zadar, with slower sounds in calm seas and a harmony of faster notes in rougher seas or in the face of a large ferry wake. The nearby Greetings to the Sun is a solar powered light show and the second installation by Nikola Bašic that redesigned the promenade in 2005. After cruising through the park on the South side of town we determined the time to head down the coast had arrived. Not even an hour driving Southbound and one backpacking hitch hiking couple later and we reached Sibenîk where we dropped off our new passengers (our first step at redeeming our hitch karma). We continued to drive Poly East for the mountains and more importantly Krka National Park where we are so excited to go swimming in the beautiful falls, unlike Plitvice you can actually swim under the falls here and we are so ready for it with the sun gleaming down! I guess our hopes and expectations were a bit too high, upon arrival we learned that these falls like Plitvice were also flooded and no swimming would be permitted. Krka has a total of 17 waterfalls along the Krka river, the largest of which is Skradinski Buk, located right in the middle of the park this calcium carbonate waterfall is beautiful and definitely flooded with water coming from every feasible crevice. As we do, we made the best of our day, saw some beautiful falls and hit the road before sundown. 

Great utilitarian use of bicycles for city cleanup
Greetings to the Sun
Solar powered and beautiful

Sea Organ

Ruins in Zadar center 

Flooded Krka

Tactile touch sensory map of the park

Wild  boar crossing!

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