Monday, September 15, 2014

9/5/14 Day 232 A Day in Prague

Leaving Copenhagen at 8:00 was brutal and the hour plus of deadlocked traffic resulted in us screaming into the ferry check-in 2 minutes before the cutoff time. A two hour ferry ride and 107€ later we were driving through Germany, goodbye for now, Scandinavia! We have three BlaBlaCar passengers along for the ride, one of them heading to a festival in Germany, who we drop off in a forest of trees underneath a sky of wind turbines, she is going to have a great week! We continue on to Prague with the couple who is spending their week in the city. Getting through Germany and into Prague takes so much longer than anticipated with another random hour of being stopped off of the highway and stopped behind a tunnel for another accident, not to mention driving in the Czech Republic proves to be quite difficult, the street names have so many letters and all of them sound similar, and every sign seems to contain between 6-12 different destinations listed, so by the time you have scanned half of the list for the city you seek, the sign is but a twinkle in the rearview mirror. Exhausted we arrived to Prague at 11:30, after 16 hours of traveling we collapse shortly after meeting our CS host, Radim. We crash out and do not attempt to open our eyes until Radim sends us down a large pot of strong black tea. We drag ourselves out with the caffeine and spend the entire day wandering the streets of Prague, and of course sampling as many Czech beers as we can manage. The city is fantastic with really beautiful architecture, and for being one of the most visited cities in Europe the tourists are not too out of control (except on the Charles Gate bridge, which is less than impressive to me anyways, a bridge is just a bridge after all). 

Czech has a fantastic bottle return scheme with bottles adding up to more Korunas for more beers (ignore the fact that you need to pay more in the first place because you get money back!)

Some great 3D apartment paint design
Fresh juice!

Cheap petrol equivalent to 1.34€ a liter or around 6.55$ a gallon and yes in Europe THAT is cheapppp!
Pozor tram! (Caution!)

Party BBQ floaties
Oh the common city birds of Europe
The most elegant of swan males
Is also quite a pain in the ass

Czech Koruna, with an exchange of 27.53 to 1€ (21.31 to 1$) 
The dancing house, Prague's architectural gem

The Charle's Gate Bridge
is a tourist trap in waiting

The ice bar, where you can wear a space suit to keep warm and drink alcohol for inflated prices of 10€ a drink, surprising there was no line

Haribo for days

Trdelník a specialty dough pastry rolled and grilled in walnuts and sugar 
The famous astronomical clock which was installed in 1410 is the oldest in the world still functioning

All the cars seem to be Skoda branded, a Czech company
Genius mobile air compressor for free use at the gas pump, Poly approved

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