Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/22/14 Day 279 Venice

Visiting Venice absolutely exceeded my expectations, most of what I have heard is that the city is very dirty, and honestly not much else, so I was going into it with low expectations. There was definitely a plethora of rats, and cats, and pigeons, all of which imply a city is filthy, but besides the awful gut wrenching smell of the canals (you would have to visit to understand) the city is quite clean compared to the garbage filled Southern Italy cities. To see how this city was built to survive as a waterworld seems like a dreamscape. It is possible to walk most places amongst the canals but can be very slow and is easy to get lost. If you need to get somewhere, you can take a water taxi or a waterbus (if you are on a budget) if you are intoxicated while driving your gondola you may get pulled over by the police boat, if there is a fire you call the firefighter boat, for a romantic date a gondola ride, and if you need something delivered there are boats for that too! We were lucky enough to stay with Greta, a local student studying costume design. She showed us around to many of the great spots in Venice and showed us where her school is on the island, for some of her classes she even has to take the waterbus, (perhaps inconvenient to a local) so cool! She did warn us that parking was impossible on the island, but Polly will try anything once, so we drove our car right onto the island and parked in a spot that costs 15€ an hour with a 1 hour maximum, with a shrug we scampered off to see the sights. After a full day of meandering the canals, drinking local favorite Aperol Spritz and eating more pizza we returned to our beloved Poly expecting the car to be brimming with tickets, but not even one!

The squero or boatyard where they build approximately 2 new Gondolas a year, which are measured specifically to the gondolier who will be driving

Shipping on down the canal

Ferry to nearby islands, just like a bus stop 

Gondola train, only 80€ per hour for a gondola ride

My first tiramisu in Italy 

Even the firefighters and policemen are boaters

Prosecco by the barrel and for 2€ a liter, how do I get one of those delivered home

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