Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/7/14 Day 264 The Beaches of Calabria

Waking up in a dorm room for the first time in 5 years certainly brought back some memories; we are couch surfing with Mega who is from Jakarta, Indonesia and it is her last month in the dorms at University of Calabria where she just finished her masters degree. After much deliberation on what amazing thing in Calabria the three of us would tackle for the day, we settled on a beach day. We make it as far as Praia A Mare 93 kilometers up the coast before we are thoroughly satisfied with the beach. A fantastic choice, with crystal clear waters, small pebbles, and empt, even the addition of the three of us didn't bring the count up to double digits of sunbathers on this particularly serene beach. After a short relax we were overdue on our daily adventure so we took a swim over to nearby Island Dino to explore the abandoned alternative resort composed of yurt structures crumbling to the jagged volcanic rock below. There is a cave with the crucial jumping rock for Kevin, and deep clear blue ocean underneath us. The sun still high in the sky we drop down to the next village just minutes south, San Nicolas Arcella, where we find a beautiful cove of geologic wonders! For us the locked gate that clearly in Italian says closed September 27, is no problem up and over we go. With a small hike along the otherwise impassable headlands and we are on the next beach over. Cliffs and caves and arches galore, with even more clear water, and no one to share with. We spend the rest of the afternoon basking in the glory of our own private beach. 

Beautiful construction of solar panels overlooking the sea
Tropea Beach

Isle Dino

Island retreat yurts
Have become absolute wreckage at this point

I even found a floaty that had washed up on the island
Praia a Mare
The coves at San Nicolas Arcella

Kevin, myself and Mega

Kevin's new favorite sandals
Just another glorious sunset

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