Wednesday, October 8, 2014

9/26/14 Day 253 Waking up in Bari, Italy

Kevin, Poly, Casey, Dan and I took the ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari on Friday night, a whopping 180 euros for Kevin the car and I for the 9 hour sleepless night. Most ferries have bench seats where you can curl up and get a bit of sleep, not this one! The advertisements on the wall look like they were printed with cartridges straight out of the 70's and the would-be bench seats have dividers between them, obviously to dissuade any guests from sleeping anywhere outside of a private expensive cabin bed. In and out of slumber we finally arrived in Bari where the wifi was nowhere to be found, even after roaming the city for an hour. We parted with the boys, they are on their way North to Rome and we one our way down south to Sicily. We finally managed to find a Tre3 store where we were able to get a new phone card with a whopping 8 GB of data for 20 euros. A bit of overkill maybe, but we bought the phone plan and got two 3 GB data cards free, an offer we couldn't refuse. With maps all loaded up we make our way down the beautiful coast of Calabria in Italy. Stopping as we please at any beach or cove along the way that strikes our fancy. After a day full of driving we found a glorious beach with sand colored burnt orange before heading off on the ferry the next morning for the Island of Sicily for some Sotuhern Italy living. 

The worst nights sleep I have had in a long time!

Random beach on the Eastern Calabrian coast

Back to the Pandas! Awesome little 4x4 car
Well maintained Sicilian roads

Never ending beautiful Sicilian landscapes

Sreet food, pizza!
Spicy chili peppers are one of the many foods the area is famous for 

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