Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10/31/14 Day 288 Halloweekend in Berlin

We have two BlaBla car passengers that we swooped up in Munich for our drive to Berlin, and apparently one of them is a cop magnet because we get pulled over not once but twice before getting out of Bavaria! Apparently our passengers overhear one of the police say to the other that he thought I was driving and on the phone, well that would be because I am the passenger who is navigating and Kevin is steering the wheel on the other side. The second stop there was not even a hint of a justification for pulling us over. Our passengers, local Germans explained that police in Munich are always bored and just begging for something exciting, in this case we are apparently easy looking prey. They grumble about us not having a hard copy of our registration in the car but grudgingly accept our cell phone version and send us on our way without questioning the insurance! Well of course after they search through Kevin's bag, hoping to find something exciting! Nope, just a panda hood, dirty socks and oranges, (backpackers life) okay then we will be on our way now. We arrive to Berlin just as the intensely colored sunset lights up the sky. Upon arrival to the city we meet up with Kevin R. who has been waiting for our late arrival for hours and we hastily order a currywurst at Curry 36 to satiate our Berlin cravings, (not nearly as good as the stand at the Mauer Park Sunday street Market). As it is a Monday the best we can do for nightlife is wander the streets with Hefeweizen and Haribo gummy snacks in hand. We came across some amazing graffiti as to be expected in Berlin unknowingly on our way to a cool bar with no cover laying down some techno beats. We even followed our ears to a random hidden skate park and climbing wall, in the club district, oh Berlin! The low key take out/outdoor seating restaurant, Burgermeister serves chili cheese fries and their specialty, a coveted bacon burger with barbecue sauce for just over 5€. It also conveniently located in the club district near Watergate. The next day we drive up North with Kevin to see off our car and wish her and Kevin R. a safe journey to Sweden and beyond. Saying goodbye to the car is really more difficult than we had anticipated, we have spent 4 months living in this car, loving this car and experiencing the ultimate adventure- which would not have been the same given the limitations of public transport. When Kevin R. drove away leaving Kev and I on the side of the road it was a pretty helpless moment...but with our backpacks full to the brim, away we hitched to get back into Berlin to spend our Halloween weekend. Not going to lie we spent most of our time in Berlin eating, but how can you not, it is so delicious and so cheap! Nil serves a falafel with peanut sauce with, pita so overstuffed we had to second guess our takeout decision and finish the heaping mess with a fork and knife all for less than 3€. In our personal tie for best falafel in Berlin, Khartoum in the Neükolln district also serves a peanut sauce infused version of a falafel pita with the added pleasure of halloumi, yes for serious, you should go there right now. The  best part is the chef preparing these delicacies solo takes his sweet time in building each one to his standards regardless of the line forming out the door. We ended our Halloween feast by dancing off the calories at Suicide Circus, an indoor/outdoor venue with a smaller feel compared to most clubs in the city. True to Berlin fashion we didn't pay more than 10€ for entrance, which on Halloween night is awesome, although some people dressed up most have not quite caught on to our extravagant costume traditions for this weekend, we spent our whole day decked out as pandas and felt we made our contribution to enhancing the Halloween tarditon one panda at a time. It was fun and good music until we got choked out by the smoke and decided to call it a night, thank you Berlin for staying anything but classy!

Sunset in Berlin

Haribo, Hefeweizen and Glühwein (Christmas drink) what more could you ask from Germany 

Saying goodbye to Poly!
That four month journey though
Leaving our lock on the Berlin Wall for Poly

Turkish Friday Farmers Market in Neükolln, pastry cheese and spinach what more could you need?

Rainbow potatoes
Turkish apple rhubarb cake
This market was a tease of amazing foods, luckily we will be in Turkey in just a few weeks, 
Then there was the falafel, oh my! 
Through the eyes of the U-Bahn

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