Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/6/14 Day 324 Full Moon Party Ko Pha Ngan

After two amazing days exploring the non party side of Ko Pha Ngan it is time to attend our first Full Moon party. It is a tradition that has been growing stronger every year for over three decades, celebrating the full moon at Haad Rin. The celebration has turned into a huge raging beach party comprising of mostly young Aussies and Brits with a few other backpackers like us thrown into the mix all decked out in neon face and body paint. The drink of choice is a plastic bucket: a pint of sealed liquor, a can of soda or mixer and a sealed Thai red bull for somewhere between 100-450 baht. For the extra adventurous you can shell out 700 baht for a mushroom shake on the South end of the beach. You have to be careful though many of the places selling buckets pour the liquor straight out of regular sized bottles and the booze is practically water, so while they are pouring and pouring, your liquor percentage is barely budging, we were insistent on getting to try a sample shot first to verify that bottles were not diluted. With the alcohol sorted the rest of the night goes to dancing the night away in the sand. Bars blast popular EDM tracks until the sunrises and locals spin fire poi in between sketchy games of flaming limbo and a firy version of jump rope. We got in a lot of beach dancing, watched a lot of Aussies puke into the ocean and had a really good time, without losing any of our possessions as many Full Moon attendees have a tendency to do. 

Neon party on

Kevin, myself and Julie taste testing a bucket, the conclusion, not enough alcohol!

While looking for a bathroom we managed to randomly find an empty open hotel room to party in
The beach view from the South

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