Friday, January 9, 2015

1/12/15 Day 361 Landscapes of Langkawi, Malaysia

Two weeks of exploring the beaches, the forests and all the street food of Langkawi. We hiked and we biked and lounged every day that the sun was beating down upon us, which was most of them. Cenang beach is very populated and full of the typical touristy types, and the place is choked with jet skis, powerboats, waterskis and parasailers all with an excessive touts pushing the overpriced activities. Kuah is the port and where we spent our nights with Jeff amongst the population of Muslims and Chinese. To the north Langkawi is almost entirely beaches and forests and we loved exploring as many of them as possible. 

National pride
Kevin made a beautiful lantern out of an old plastic buoy
This is Cenang Beach, where the backpackers flock and the retailers thrive

This is Skull Beach in the northwest, also known as Pasir Tengkorak

Further to the east we made it to the black sands beach

Here is the temple honoring the Goddess of Mercy, one of two that Jeff visits the dogs at regularly
Prayer wheel

Natural hot spring emanating from the depths
This gorgeous view of the cement factory is seen from Tanjung Rhu in the northeast of Langkawi

This bridge used to be covered in it is painted pink

Seven Wells waterfall hike
Slide rock

A wild stick bug
The most amazing caterpillar camouflage 
After a long hike, nothing like a quiet relax: Julie, Jeff, Kevin and myself

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