Thursday, February 19, 2015

2/3/15 Day 383 Yogyakarta and the Buddhas of Borobudur

On our last day in Yogyakarta we managed to scour the alleys for motorbikes for 50,000 rupiah for the day, a steal of a deal considering it would have cost us double this amount for a return trip on public transportation to Borobudur. We loaded up our bikes and hit the road. We took the long way to Borobudur driving the 35 kilometers on back roads and winding dirt paths connecting the snapshots of scenery amongst the bright green rice paddies and past the bountiful fruit stands. The whole ride was incredible, a real treat for taking the back roads and we didn't have to share the glory with anyone.
Arriving to Borobudur we managed to find our properly discriminated foreigner entrance where we paid our extortionate tourist fees, the price is 20$ if you do not have a student card which we luckily do. Again were treated like celebrities for our pale skin, weird accents and long blonde hair. Unlike Prambanan the temple here is recessed, almost hidden away in the forest, a more natural and beautiful remnant today. In comparison to the Hindu Temple Prambanan the stones of Borobudur are of a lighter volcanic porous stone enveloping the rounded Buddhas in comparison to the dark charcoal consistency and cOntrasting rectangular reliefs and stones of Prambanan. There are 504 Buddhas seated upon the temple, almost half of them are without heads or limbs by this point, but still proudly sitting in one of the 6 mudras they have been carved into. We spent a few hours exploring the site, with few other tourists and almost no other bules to be found it was very peaceful with amazing views to be shared up at the top with the Buddhas. It is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world and a beautiful site to visit, even if you do end up paying ten times as much as a local!

Detailed reliefs relaying the story of Buddha 

The etchings to match and piece the temple together

The perforated stupas at the top each shelter and protect the Buddhas within

The mob of touts waiting at the bottom to sell us statues and more useless souvenirs

Enjoying our tiny bananas and our humongous view on Dagi Hill 

Never underestimate the vehicles you find on the highway
Like this food cart
And this trusty scooter

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