Monday, March 2, 2015

2/15/15 Day 395 Kuta Flu

Kevin woke up with a fever which quickly instilled panic, with all of the systems of a flu: body aches, sweats and chills, vomiting, headaches; we were terrified it could possibly be a mosquito borne virus maybe Dengue Fever or Malaria?! We messaged our taxi friend, Nenagh to ask which hospital would be the best for us to check into. He asked us to wait until he could take us in just a few hours, easy enough we waited for his message and right on cue he asked us to meet him on Legian street. Such an amazing and fortunate friend to have made, he delivered us to BIMC the tourist hospital once he knew we had insurance and could afford the more expensive fancy doctors rather than the more distant local hospital. We waved goodbye to Nenagh and promised we would text if we needed anything. Our doctor could pretty quickly narrow out Malaria as Java is apparently not a place where it is a risk. It could however still be dengue or a parasite which are the second likely contenders. A couple of hours, and a few tests later we were sent on our way with no answers until the following day with Kevin feeling better (the fever and most symptoms had passed) we headed for the beach. The following day there was no real hurry to call back for the test results as Kevin was feeling better, when we finally did manage to call we found out that he had contracted a parasite and we had to head back to the hospital for antibiotics and more information. After waiting in the lobby for an uncanny length of time, with copious free latte machine refills we were finally informed about E. Histolytica a parasite that could come from contaminated food, water or dirt and could have been picked up anywhere and stayed dormant for an indeterminate amount of time (for all we know it could have been those low Norway health standards) and a 20 day cycle of antibiotics would be necessary to combat it, at a cost of 200$ total, hopefully the insurance will be picking up that bill. They gave us our antibiotics and sent us on our way with instructions to get another test in two weeks and another in 3 months, as if taking the antibiotics on schedule wouldn't be difficult enough while traveling. 

Who needs a beach when you have a comfy hospital bed
Beautiful black sand north of Kuta, Seseh Beach

And Scruffy's puppy

The bustling Legian Street Kuta's commercial and club hub
The dusty, accomodation filled backpacker haunt Poppies 2 Street

Hotel breakfast banana pancake

Kuta Beach entry
Bali sunset

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